Collaborative Online Valencia-Based Educational Program

Derived from the IRLSSG 2013 Annual Meeting and the 2013 World Congress on Sleep Medicine held in Valencia, Spain, this online program will incorporate recorded lectures, interviews, supportive slides, and videotapes, to provide updates and summaries on current RLS research and the clinical environment.

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International RLS Study Group Collaborative Research Award

International RLS Study Group Collaborative Research Award

The Collaborative Research Award is an honorary award recognizing an outstanding collaborative research effort by an investigator studying WED (RLS). The award is based upon:

- Initiating collaboration among three or more research centers
- The collaboration spans over one or more years
- The collaboration resulted in one or more published in a peer – reviewed journal (or accepted for publication) research papers or one published (in a peer reviewed journal) research paper and additional presentation/s at professional international annual meetings.
- The results of the collaboration promoted RLS (WED) research.

The award is presented each year at the IRLSSG annual dinner, following the IRLSSG annual meeting.

The nomination period for the 2013 Collaborative Research Award is June 15 – August 15, 2013.

To nominate someone, please download the IRLSSG Collaborative Research Award Nomination Form; complete the form with the help of the nominee and e-mail to Allan O’Bryan at

IRLSSG Collaborative Research Award Submission Form-1-3-1-1

Long-term treatment guidelines of RLS published in Sleep Medicine (2013)

2015 Annual Meeting

International RLS Study Group Annual Meeting 2015

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Location: Seoul, South Korea


Coex Congress Center
159 Samseong 1(il)-dong,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Date: Saturday March 21, 2015.

8:30AM – 6PM

8:40 AM Awards: Chair Art Walters

9AM: RLS clinical and scientific topics:
Chairs: Hochang Lee/ Yong Won Cho

A. RLS diagnosis: Advances and Problems

1. New diagnostic criteria: Which criteria should we use?
IRLSSG, American Academy of Medicine, American Psychiatric Assoc.
Similarities, differences and significance of multiple criteria
Hochang Lee
Art Walters
Ruth O’Hara
Ki Young Jung, MD, PHd discussant

10:30AM: Coffee break

11AM 2. Elderly and Pediatric diagnoses: New methods including home video.
Osman S Ipsiroglu
Rosalia Silvestri
Gerhard Klösch

12:15PM Lunch

Cardiovascular diseases:  Arshad Jahangir, Mahek Mirza
Early childhood, RLS, Iron status:  Jens Tilma, Karen Tilma
Cerebrovascular relations:  Raffaele Ferri

3:00PM Tea Break

C. Co-morbid conditions relation to RLS: shared symptoms and biology
Growing Pains/GI & inflamtatory: Walters
Multiple Sclerosis: Luigi Ferini-Strambi
Depression &
Severe Mental Illness: Heon-Jong Lee
Pain and RLS Yong: Won Cho

D. Discontinuing intermediate/short acting dopaminergic medications
Drug Holiday: Consequences, Benefits - Richard Allen
Drugs to cover withdrawal: Choices, problems – Birgit Högl

E. Recommendations regarding Treatment of RLS Augmentation

5:30PM Business meeting – Diego Garcia-Borreguero


Attendance is open to any sleep professional who is interested in RLS.   The business meeting held after the annual meeting is open only to IRLSSG members.

Dinner: 7:30PM

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Summary of Recommendations for the Long-Term Treatment of RLS/WED from an IRLSSG Task Force

Summary of Recommendations for the Long-Term Treatment of RLS/WED from an IRLSSG Task Force

Click on the link below to read online or download.


Wayne Hening Young Investigator Awards

Wayne Hening Young Investigator Awards


Named to honor the memory of a pioneer in RLS research and established in 2010, the Wayne Hening Young Investigator Awards are presented at the annual meeting of the IRLSSG. The $1,000 awards recognize research efforts by new investigators in an attempt to promote interest in the study of RLS.

The 2015 Wayne Hening Young Investigator Awards will be made to welcome:

1. Either young investigators new to the RLS/PLMS field who are no more than 10 years past receiving their PhD or MD; or
2. Senior investigators new to the RLS/PLMS field (first publication of a first author abstract or journal article in the RLS/PLMS field is within the last 3 years); and
3. Their scientific RLS/PLMS work was accepted for presentation at the WASM Congress in Valencia, Spain.

The awardees are expected to present their work at the IRLSSG annual meeting, Saturday March 21, 2015, at the WASM World Congress on Sleep Medicine held in Seoul, Korea. The deadline for abstract submission and award application is January 15, 2015. Abstracts considered for award will be judged based on work quality and relevance to the field and notifications can be expected by February 1, 2015. More information about the awards is available on the IRLSSG website:

Award applications should include the following:

1. Name, address, and scientific affiliation

2. Current job and professional role

3. Scientific mentor/senior associate (for junior investigators)

4. Submitted abstract and official indication of acceptance or scientific role of the applicant in the scientific encounter with official documentation attached to the application (this can be submitted later than the initial application if relevant information is unavailable at the first point).

5. Other information supporting the application when appropriate or needed (e.g. comments about relevance of the work to RLS or about role/activity in the IRLSSG meeting.)

Applications should be sent by email to:

IRLSSG Wayne Hening Award Committee
c/o Allan O’Bryan
Executive Secretary IRLSSG



2014 Wayne Hening Young Investigator Award Recipients:

Suzie Bertisch: Cardiovagal Baroreflex Gain is Reduced in Patients with RLS
Thomas Dye: Long Term Treatment Outcomes of Iron Supplementation in Pediatric Restless Leg Syndrome and PLMD
Yong Seo Koo: Efficacy of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation In Patients With Drug-Naïve Restless Legs Syndrome

2013 Wayne Hening Young Investigator Award Recipients:

Patrizia Congiu:  Neurophysiological evaluation of spinal excitability in patients affected by primitive restless legs syndrome
Amanda Freeman: PTPRD expression regulates sleep consolidation in drosophila
Samantha Kerr:  Reflex testing reveals circadian variation of spinal excitability in restless legs syndrome patients
Marta Moraleda-Cibrian: Restless leg syndrome in young children with orofacial cleft
Aaro Salminen:  Periodic leg movements in spinal cord injury: Evaluation of arousals and treatment effect
Andras Szentkiralyi: Multimorbidity and the risk of restless legs syndrome in two prospective cohort studies
Irina Zavalko: Polysomnographic evaluation of augmentation in patients with restless legs syndrome

2012 Wayne Hening Young Investigator Award Recipients:

Victoria Mery, McGill University, Montreal for High false-positive rate of questionnaire-based RLS diagnosis in MS
AQ Rana, PD Clinic and MD Center, Toronto for Exacerbation of Pain by RLS and PD, A Case Control Study.
Bryndis Benediktsdottiri, Landspitali University Hospital, Iceland for Prevalence of RLS among patients with OSA before and after CPAP treatment compared to the general population
Maryann Deak, Sleep Health Centers, Harvard Medical School, Boston for Correlates of respiratory events with and without associated leg movements in obstructive sleep apnea
Mark Boulos, University of Toronto for Nocturnal Limb Movements are Correlated with Cerebral White Matter Hyperintensities and Fronto-Executive Deficits